Creating space // Exploring the new, striking documentary "Common Ground"

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In the age of ever-expanding building, energy mining and motor throughways, there is still a place in the U.S. that remains relatively untouched: The Rocky Mountain Front in northwestern Montana. 

In her latest documentary, "Common Ground," filmmaker Alexandria Bombach and the team at Red Reel Productions visit the gorgeous wilderness of the Rocky Mountain Range, telling a story that explores the Rocky Mountain Front Heritage Act, where 208,000 acres of land will be set aside to remain undeveloped.

Set to the delicate and emotional piano compositions by Matthew Morgan and Bell Plaines with sparse folk instrumentals by Laura Veirs and Jonathan Haidle, the film presents a beautiful and honest portrait of how people interact with the land, and what it means to have open space. 

As their stories unfold, there is equal parts of hope and seriousness that perfectly matches the soundtrack. The quiet visual elements are perfectly paired with the soft, ambient score, creating a calm, reflective piece as a whole. 

Check out the short documentary here:

Levi's Commuter series hits the streets of Oakland

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Over the last few weeks, Levi's has been unveiling their new Commuter film series, riding along with different movers and shakers in the different parts of the world. We've had an amazing time collaborating with our good friends at Instrument on this project.

First, they took you to New York with Kyle Garner of Sit and Read Furniture, then sped you through the bustling streets of London with Poet/Musician James Massiah. Now, with the final installment in tow, you now land in Oakland following along Tyrone Stevenson Jr, who does amazing work with the Scraper Bike Movement.

In this beautiful portrait, you get a glimpse of the impactful service that Stevenson Jr provides to the youth and community through bicycle maintenance. There are so many striking scenes in slow motion, including one of him leading a literal parade of flamboyant, colorful bikes down the sunny streets of Oakland.

One of the common threads throughout the entire film series is the vintage, yet timeless vibe in the soundtrack. We went with a groovy, retro direction that payed homage to the urban landscape and gave space to the chill narrative of each piece.

For this particular vignette, we worked with gorgeously sparse soulful track "More (Blues)" by ARP. It was the perfect track that feels almost like a lullaby with the coolest horns, drifting along with the serene mood of this film. 

Wonderful's "Rainbow Colors" is the perfect anthem of community

Every now and then we need a little help to get to where we're going;  we need community. We're excited to present a track by Wonderful that bursts with color, feeling more like a call to action than a passive song. This is a song that brings people together in harmony.

Raise your flag high and march along to the wonderfully enchanting, inspirational anthem that is "Rainbow Colors." Driven by a steady drum beat, an acoustic guitar and a playfully distorted piano, this song provides an abundance of textures and color, underneath a sometimes quirky, yet equally empowering melody. Fearless and powerful, this track is calling you...inviting you into an imaginative story of strength, hope and optimism...with fireworks!

For the instrumental version, click here.

Check out Wonderful's entire Songography at their Marmoset Artist Profile.

Posted on August 26, 2014 .